Manufacturing Process - Producing Your Product With Purnaa

Updated: Jan 10

Whether you are a new start-up or an established brand, producing a new product can be a time-consuming process. Quickly, the details of manufacturing a new product can take up all the time you would otherwise focus on other aspects of your growing business.

Well, Purnaa is here to help.

Depending on your needs, Purnaa offers a range of services that ensures efficiency and quality from start to finish. Whether you need sampling, pattern making, sourcing assistance, Purnaa's expert teams will partner with you each step of the way, customizing services to fit your needs. While every customer is different, below are two timelines that best reflect our production process, so you know what to expect!


A brand's first product run can be daunting. There is a lot to consider from design to sourcing to shipping, luckily Purnaa is here to guide you through it step by step.

Month 1 - Submitting Your Tech Pack

A tech pack is a detailed design that communicates what components are necessary to construct your product. The more information you give, the better we can evaluate how to best serve you! If this seems intimidating, check out this link for more information

Month 2 - Receive and Approve Sample

Keeping in mind quality, aesthetic and manufacturing efficiency, our sampling team expertly produces your sample, making your idea into a reality.

Month 3- Place Purchase Order with a Deposit

Once you have approved the sample, we will create a production plan. To start this process, we ask for a deposit and we can begin to source all the materials you need for your production run.

Month 4 - Manufacturer Orders Materials

From the largest bolt of fabric to the tiniest hangtag, our sourcing team will order all of the materials needed to produce your product. While the time it takes for these materials to arrive can widely vary, we will keep you updated as your materials arrive

Month 5 to 6- Materials Delivered and Production Begins

Over this month, your materials will begin to arrive at our door. Our production team will cut and assemble your product, checking each one for any irregularities so that you can receive a product that is up to your high standard

Month 7 - Production Finishes

The last item rolls off the line and we check that it is as perfect as the rest, it is then carefully packed into a box and is ready to ship to your door.

Month 8 - You Receive and Process Your Amazing Merchandise

All your hard work has paid off, you now have your product in hand, ready to wow your customers!


So this isn't your first rodeo. You have produced before, and maybe even with Purnaa, therefore do not require all the same services as some of those newer to the industry

Month 1 - Start Sampling

You already have your tech pack ready so move right into sampling your product. Your Project Manager and our sourcing team will work with you closely to create a sample that meets your specifications and can be produced efficiently by our manufacturing team.

Month 2 - Receive and Approve Sample

Once a final sample has been agreed upon, we will send one sample to you to approve and keep one counter sample for our own reference.

Moth 3 - Get Finances In Order and Place Purchase Order

With the sample approved, you are ready to move forward. Your program manager will work closely with you to communicate all the costs of each item down to the last button. Once all is agreed upon you can place your order.

Month 4 - Purnaa Orders Production Materials

Our sourcing team will get right to work, acquiring all of the materials so you don't have to! If you already have a source for your materials we will be happy to work with them as well

Month 5 to 6 - Production Materials Arrive at Purnaa

All the materials are at our facility, the manufacturing team is briefed and ready to go. As manufacturing begins, our quality control specialists check each unit for any flaws so that you can be assured each item is up to your standard.

Month 7 - Production Finishes at Purnaa

The last item rolls off the assembly line, checked for quality, then neatly packed to be sent off to your doorstep

Month 8 - You Receive and Process Your Amazing Merchandise (Month 8) - You have your new product in hand and ready to share with customers. All of your hard work has paid off and now are on your way to growing your business even more.


How long does sampling take?

Sampling is a creative and problem-solving process that takes about 30-90 days from when we receive your tech pack.

If you have produced the design before or are using common materials you can expect a shorter sampling period. If you are still “tweaking” your design or want materials that need to be sourced then a longer sampling time is required.

Ok. Let’s say I have my sampling process finished. Then how long will it be from the time I submit my Purchase Order and down-payment until my products are delivered?

It takes about 90-150 days depending on order size.

From the day we receive your purchase order it usually takes about 60 days to order and get the production materials. Then production, packing, and shipping can take between 30-90 days

What if I have a larger order? Will that affect my delivery times?

Ordering large quantities may take more time in production BUT… Large orders are a great way to reduce your per piece cost! Most manufacturers, including Purnaa, can ship large orders in batches to allow you a head start on processing and selling.

Are there seasons when manufacturers have more free time and my designs are more likely to be accepted for manufacturing?


Many manufacturers are more willing to accept your designs if production lands outside of the busy season of August through November. See Timeline 1 (top) to help plan your production for the off-season (Dec-July

What else should I think about for my production?

Sales traction. Are your products selling well or do you need to build up demand for your items?

We see that it often takes 6+ months for brands to develop a customer base and generate excitement around a new product. For this reason, we would suggest new companies get their products delivered earlier rather than later. However, if yours is not a new product and you already have a strong customer base familiar with your items, then receiving your before the product launch is not as much of a barrier.

*The timelines above were developed from what we have experienced at Purnaa after being in business for 7 years and working with many different brands. Feel free to check out more specific blogs that go into our process more in-depth such as

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