The Importance of Quality Control for Our Customers

by Sonja Kraft

At Purnaa, we guarantee that all of our products are of the highest quality. We have a group of dedicated workers on our quality control team to ensure that our customers receive beautiful products. They are our customers’ eyes on the ground here in Nepal. Anu Achhami, our quality control team leader, said, “The customers trust our team and the work we do. We make sure every piece is of good quality.”

What Is Quality Control?

Our quality control team is here to ensure that all Purnaa products meet high standards by thorough in-line checking. Each piece is checked to make sure there are no imperfections or defects, and to make sure the products meet the stanards set at the beginning of the process. These standards are determined by our team in the sampling stage of production. The team comes up with a range of what is acceptable per item, such as a measurement being off by only a fraction of an inch or less. Sometimes our customers will also have standards for specific parts of their product that we add to our quality control check. All of these standards come from what our customers determine is acceptable.

What if something doesn’t pass the quality control check?

If our team finds a piece that does not meet the standards required, there are then two options. If it is possible, the piece is given back to the sewing team to be reworked to fix whatever the imperfection wa