Purnaa is open and implementing strict COVID-19 health & safety measures at the factory. In response to the pandemic, we ramped up manufacturing of washable, reusable face masks using organic cotton.  Get yours here: 


Professional cut-&-sew manufacturing
services that change lives

Be proud of your impact Improve your production quality Grow your brand

Clothing manufacturing shouldn't exploit people or the planet.

Are you concerned about the exploitation that exists in the garment industry?

Are you worried that a fair-trade manufacturer might not meet your quality expectations?

Sustainable Production

We make knit tops (t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank-tops, hoodies), hats, bags, and baby accessories (booties/toys) 

Do you have a design that needs to be manufactured with precision and care?

We provide a wide range of ethical custom cut-&-sew services.

  • Sourcing

  • Pattern Making

  • Sampling

  • Grading

  • Sewing

  • Quality Control

  • Labels & Tagging

  • Packaging

  • Worldwide Shipping

All our manufacturing is done under one roof in order to guarantee smooth and efficient processing of your order and ensure on-time delivery of your orders.

We provide ethical manufacturing for many excellent brands.

Here's how it works:

Make an enquiry

Send your design idea through to our friendly sales team and get an estimate

Get a customized plan

Start manufacturing

One of our project managers

will work with you to make a customized production plan

We take care of everything from sustainable material sourcing through to international shipping

What makes Purnaa different?

We are proud members of the World Fair Trade Organisation and the Freedom Business Alliance,  so you can be confident your production meets the highest social compliance and sustainability standards while advocating for freedom for survivors of exploitation. We go above and beyond these standards through our mission to transform lives in Nepal. Your production will make a positive difference you can be proud of!


Be proud of your production and its positive impact.

Listen to what current customers are saying.

"Purnaa has been an amazing company to work with--The quality of my product has been outstanding and I am very honored to play a part in their social mission!"

Lindsay, Headpeace Headbands

"At Purnaa, they are not content with simply delivering a product. With new lines in development, they are the first company we talk with for upcoming projects."

Alisha, Anfield Shop

"We are so grateful to Purnaa for providing an option for quality shirts while knowing that our purchase was supporting such a great cause!"

Madison, Mountain Child

Stop worrying about the risks of working with 

unethical or inexperienced manufacturers and let us take care of your manufacturing needs today.