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Ethical sewn and knit manufacturing 
that changes lives

Be proud of your impact Improve your product quality Grow your brand

Fair Trade ManufacturingCaps, Stuffed Animals, Caps, Bags, and Sewn and Knit Accessories

We believe manufacturing shouldn't exploit people or the planet

How much is poor-quality, unethical manufacturing costing your brand?
Unethical supply chains hurt people and the planet, and risk your brand's reputation

Ethical manufacturing empowers you to be proud of your impact and grow your brand.

  • Purnaa's 100% quality checking can reduce product returns an average of 13%

  • Sustainable manufacturing boost sales by 8% or more

  • Be confident that your production is improving the lives of marginalized people

How it works:

Tell us about your product needs

Choose one of our customizable products or submit specifications for your custom design

We make you an estimate and sample

We'll make an estimate and send you a mock up or sample to confirm your design

Receive superior quality products that grow your brand

we deliver caps.png

We'll handle the hard work of sourcing, production, and quality control and keep you up to date as your products are made.

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  • Super customizable

  • Fast lead time

  • 48 pcs Minimum Order Quantities

  • Sustainable color process and recycled materials

selection-match-color quick export png.png
  • Screen-print or embroider your design

  • 100 pcs Minimum Order Quantities

  • Locally sourced 100% Cotton

  • Custom label/white label for quantities above 500pcs.

selection-match-color quick export png2.png
  • White label options for premium bag designs

  • 100 pcs Minimum Order Quantities

  • Sustainable materials and durable quality

Products and Services

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  • White label options for premium doll designs

  • 500 pcs Minimum Order Quantities

  • Sustainable materials and durable quality

  • We source material, make patterns, and make a sample

  • We provide world class production management services so you get a superior quality product on time

  • Minimum order quantities of 500pcs

We specialize in custom caps and hats. Download our Cap Catalog & Trend Guide!

Purnaa Nepal Cap Headwear Trends.png

Our Cap Trend guide is packed with cap style, material and customization trends. Get tips on how  take your brand's sustainability to the next level!

purnaa cap catalog 2024.png

Like all the options in one place? review Purnaa's amazing cap styles, customization options, and preset styles all in our 2024 Cap Catalog.

Purnaa Sublimation Print Guide 2023.png

Our Sublimation print guide tells you everything you need to know to use this amazing technology in your designs: design tips, sustainability info, and case studies.

Ethical sourcing should be easier

We understand that running a brand is complicated. You shouldn't have to...

  • Deal with defects in your warehouse

  • Wonder about the status of your order

  • Worry about unethical practices in your supply chain

You can be confident your production meets the highest social compliance and sustainability standards while transforming lives through our mission of empowering marginalized people. Your production will make a positive difference you can be proud of!

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Environmental and social impact metrics

See the difference your production makes. We measure and publish annual data about our social and environmental impact.

Purnaa used 2,320 kiliograms of sustainable materials last year. Purnaa defines 'sustainable' as certified recycled or organic fabrics.

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 09.12.10.png

Purnaa recycles all of its paper, plastic, and
aluminum waste. Stats from our most recent recycling annual report:

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 09.16.48.png

We provide ethical manufacturing for many excellent brands.

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Purnaa_Mid-Pro Trucker_mf_15_edited.jpg
Purnaa_Mid-Pro Trucker_mf_15_edited.jpg

"Purnaa has been an amazing company to work with--The quality of my product has been outstanding and I am very honored to play a part in their social mission!"

Lindsay, Headpeace Headbands

“Working with Purnaa on our own custom caps has been so easy. The staff have been very helpful and great to work with. We love the quality, quick production time and the mission behind our caps.”

HJ, Kairos Traders

"They are very responsive to questions and emails, and their attention to detail is excellent. Very innovative with materials, manufacturing, etc., We're excited to continue building out our lines with Purnaa in the future."
​Ryan and Sarah, Alpinecho

Great Quality, Superior Ethics, and Transparent Communication Should Be Easy.

In an industry built on exploitation of people and the planet, the trustworthy, professional manufacturing partnership that you're looking for is often difficult to find. At times it feels like you have to compromise on your values, or the service and quality you need. 

Like you, we believe that making great products shouldn't exploit people or the planet. And we understand the challenges of sourcing sustainably, price constraints, and the need for highest quality. Great Quality, Superior Ethics, and Transparent Communication Should Be Easy! We go above and beyond fair trade standards to provide world class cut-and-sew and knit manufacturing for dozens of successful brands. When you partner with Purnaa you meet an expert project manager who understands your needs and walks with you every step of the way, from sampling and material sourcing through production and shipping. No more wondering about your order status, having important details lost in translation, or worrying about product quality. You'll experience open and clear communication throughout every step of the process, and defective products will be made right. You receive quality caps, stuffed-animals, t-shirts, bags, and fully customized sewn and knit products that help grow your brand and assurance that you are making a positive impact in the world. Trade the stress of an unethical and confusing supply chain for a transparent process and a positive impact you can be proud of.  Start a making beautiful products with a manufacturing partnership you enjoy - get an estimate today.

Stop worrying about the risks of working with 

unethical or inexperienced manufacturers and let us take care of your manufacturing needs today.

Check out our new Spotlight
Interview Series!

Watch our series of 10 Spotlight Videos about the world of responsible supply chains, where we delve into topics including sustainability, exploitation-free supply chains, social impact and more!

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