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Sustainable, Handmade Dolls, Stuffed Animals, and Toys

Custom manufacturing services for growing doll, toy, and stuffed animal brands

Don't waste time and money with low quality, unethical suppliers

"With our previous supplier, we wasted lots of time on quality problems. Sometimes whole orders would be incorrectly made and were unsellable. With Purnaa, we've grown to trust the quality so much that we've stopped checking the products in our warehouse before we ship to customers." - Long-time private label customer

We believe your dolls and stuffed animals deserve both incredible quality and fair trade practices.

Fair trade stuffed animal, doll, and plush toy manufacturing services


Precision cutting


Sustainable material sourcing

KnittingProduction_mf_49 (1).jpg

Flat bed knitting 

KnittingProduction_mf_19 (1).jpg

Hand knitting, stitching, and embroidery



KnittingProduction_mf_01 (1).jpg

Sample making and custom development

eco packaging labeling tagging.png

Finishing and packing

needle detector and bear.png

Superior safety through metal detector and lab testing

How it works:

Tell us about your product needs

Doll Step 1.png

Inquire with specifications for your custom design

We make you an estimate and sample

Doll Step 2.png

We'll share an estimate and then make sample to confirm your design

Receive superior quality products that grow your brand

Doll Step 3.png

We'll handle the hard work of sourcing, production, and quality control and keep you up-to-date as your products are made.

We work with many growing brands to make their unique designs of knit or sewn stuffed animals and dolls. We're happy to develop new custom styles with you for quantities of 500 or more.

Ethical sourcing stuffed animals, plush toys
and dolls should be easier

We understand the that running a brand is complicated. You shouldn't have to...

  • Deal with defects in your warehouse

  • Wonder about the status of your order

  • Worry about unethical practices in your supply chain

Instead, you can be confident your production meets the highest social compliance and sustainability standards

while transforming lives through our mission of empowering marginalized people.

Your production will make a positive difference you can be proud of!

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Be proud of your production and its positive impact.

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