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At Purnaa, we are passionate about ethically manufacturing high-quality products and creating job opportunities for marginalized people in Nepal

There are three ways that we do this

Ethical Sustainable Sewing-Services-Purnaa-Manufacturing-Nepal


500 Piece MOQ

(Flexible depending on style)

We can manufacture your designs from sampling through to shipping. We customize the process to meet your needs.

CapLifestylePics_mf_125 (1).jpg

Sublimated Caps

Purchase wholesale or become a dealer of custom sublimation printed caps. Unlimited print options on panels and top/bottom of visor.

MOQ 48 Pieces (12 Pieces/Style)

Ethical-Custom-Print-Gear Sustinabl t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, bags printable

Customized Gear

Looking for custom printed

t-shirts, hats or bags for your brand? All our gear is ethically made from sustainable materials.

MOQ Starting at 25 pieces for printed items or $250 for in-stock wholesale items

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Our Mission

Find out more about our mission and how we measure our success in our latest impact report

To provide world-class, ethical manufacturing which empowers marginalized people and survivors of exploitation to fresh starts and fulfilled lives

Recent Awards

Purnaa and our brand partners create fresh starts and fulfilled lives through excellent jobs - proving that good business and positive social impact go hand in hand

Purnaa receives the 2021 Secretary of State's Award for Corperate Excellence 

Our Values

Our Commitment to the Environment

We choose what is

best for the other person and treat them as we would like to be treated

We always do our

best work, even in the small things. We always

try to improve

We do the right

and honest thing

even when nobody

is watching




We give

equal opportunity, fair rewards and consequences, and we champion the rights of those who do not receive just treatment

in society

We foster beauty in our products, workplace,

our environment and

in our staff



We recycle material scraps, compost food waste, collect rain water and provide and promote the use of sustainable material suppliers. Check out our sustainability initiatives to find out more.

At Purnaa, we take our commitment to the environment seriously

Purnaa People

Scroll down to meet the teams and check out our blog to get to know them on a more personal level through our employee of the month interviews.

Purnaa people are the heart behind everything we do.


Sewing production team


Hand knitting team


Knitting production leaders


Cutting team

Logistics & accounting


Knitting sample & training team

sales marketing team photo.jpg

Sales & marketing



Machine knitting team


Sewing production leaders


Packing team


Quality control team


Sewing sample team


Human resources


Project managers


Building and hospitality

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