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What is the Impact of a Good Job?

Join us for a special presentation of Purnaa's Documentary

Sign up now to join us for this exclusive presentation. Our Sales and Marketing Director, Jessica, will lead a discussion with attendees about how going beyond normal ethical manufacturing is both good for people and for business.

If you are in the Pacific Northwest, Jessica can schedule an in-person "Brown Bag"/"Lunch-n-Learn" session with your company. Please let us know if you'd prefer this below.

Topics include

Going Beyond Ethical Practice: Transforming Lives – Discover how ethical practices can drive business success and change lives for the better

Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods in Nepal – Explore how businesses can play a pivotal role in creating sustainable livelihoods and fostering prosperity in Nepal.

Ethical/Fair Trade Manufacturing Practices – Gain valuable insights into ethical and fair trade manufacturing practices in Nepal, a region known for its rich artisanal heritage.

Date: 18 Oct - all times are in GMT

  • 1:00 pm

  • 6:00 pm

  • 10:00 pm

Time of Presentation

Thanks for registering. Please check your e-mail for a confirmation with the webinar link. If you've selected an in-person meeting, we'll be in touch shortly.

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