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Our services range from material sourcing to packing and shipping.

If you have a design, we can take care of everything else!

We are a full-service cut & sew manufacturer

Pre-Production Services

Our expert team works with you to understand your product needs so we can make sure we  provide the services you need

When you say go, we can source the

perfect material to meet your needs from our wide range of suppliers

We offer a number of sampling services to make sure your product is the best it can be and ensure you are 100% happy and confident with our capabilities

Product Consultation



Production Services

You are ready

for production! Your

designated project manager

will make a customized

production plan with you,

beginning with cutting



1–2 weeks

We assign one of

our cut-&-sew production

teams to make your products

and train and prepare them

to execute your designs with

accuracy and efficiency

Sewing & production

1–2 months

We conduct

rigorous quality checking

throughout our processes to ensure a consistent standard of quality and save you money on external QC services

Quality control


Post-Production Services

We tag and

package your products

on-site and work with you to

find the best shipping option

to meet your time and

pricing needs

Packing & shipping

1–3 weeks


You can stop worrying about the risks of working with an unethical manufacturer and start being proud of your production today!

How can we meet your manufacturing needs?

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