Lean Manufacturing the Toyota Way

by Peter Ikeda

“Since people make things, work must begin by developing people.” ~Eiji Toyoda

Here at Purnaa, people are at the core of what we do and how we do it excellently. We believe ethical business can both transform people’s lives and still continue to deliver superior products. By creating a work environment that empowers our employees with value and dignity, we are able to create higher quality products for our clients.

But how does an automobile manufacturing system apply to the garment industry?

Simple. The Toyota Manufacturing Process (TMP) is all about eliminating waste to create the most efficient production system possible. Although we’re not in the business of making cars, we are in the business of making our products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our core values – excellence and love – echo the TMP pillars of continuous improvement and respect for people, which ties together Toyoda’s statement about the correlation between employees and product quality.

Invest in employees → happy employees → employees enjoy and take ownership of their work → employees produce quality products