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The Significance of Continuous Employment

by Mitch Kraft

A steady job is a prized possession. The stability it provides and the future it offers is a gift to the employee, their family and the community around them.

The Problem: Lack of Fair Employment Opportunites

In the manufacturing industry, continuous employment is far from a given. Many manufacturers hire temporary workers as a large percentage of their employees, only to be used when large contracts are obtained. While this decreases overheads for the factory, this creates a lot of instability for their labor force. Many laborers work long hours for a short period of time to make enough money to compensate for the time without work.

An additional danger is the transitive nature of their work can lead to dangerous situations. Laborers may be far from family or social support structures, making them vulnerable to harassment and misstreatment. Particularly in Nepal, many people are forced to work abroad to provide for their families and are subjected to mistreatment.

Increasingly, there is a divide between employers and their employees. Employees are further separated from the decisions that affect their lives, tight timelines and poor working conditions can lead to dangerous errors or even intentionally cutting corners.

The Difference: Continuous Employment

Instead of inconsistent working hours, unfair treatment and exploitative practices, employees should have the right to fair and consistent employment in which they can base their life.

Purnaa believes that manufacturers can do better, even work to empower their employees.

A secure income allows workers to plan for the future, building savings for large future purchases such as new apartments, large appliances, and motorcycles. It also allows our workers to send all their children to school.

Not only ensuring physical needs are met but also the emotional and mental needs of the employee and their family. A stable environment gives a person a sense of security, allowing them to pursue other interests or personal development.

When Purnaa gives time and resources into literacy, numeracy, and budgeting classes for our employees, we know we are investing in their future. Leaders at Purnaa take the time to create a connection with the people on their teams, making them strong advocates for safe and fair working conditions.

These are several of the reasons why Purnaa offers steady employment to its employees. Join us in helping to improve our community by supporting us and businesses like us that give a steady job to their employees. You have the ability to empower our staff, bringing physical, mental, and emotional healing to this community. Be an agent of change!


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