What is Purnaa’s Living Wage?

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

by Sonja Kraft

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A living wage is the #1 way to prevent poverty

Here at Purnaa, we believe paying a living wage is of the utmost importance. Providing meaningful employment and sufficient salary has the power to change lives among Nepal's poor. We see it as a responsibility to our employees to provide a salary that is able to meet all of their monthly needs as well as create fiscal independence for them and their families. Every year we review information from our employees and other organizations to determine if wages are still sufficient. Here is a breakdown of what goes into determining our living wage.

At Purnaa, the minimum total compensation for our staff is $198 a month, with a take-home pay of $126. The Nepali minimum wage is $160 and according to our research, the local living wage is $175, both of these figures are for total compensation, not take home pay. It is incredibly important to Purnaa that our staff are paid at or above the living wage to ensure the he