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2024 Global Cap, Hat Trends & Sustainability Tips

Updated: Jan 9

Our 2024 Cap Trend Guide identifies the latest trends, and styles to be aware of when creating new, sustainable hat designs for your brand or business

In 2024, the global cap market is set to reach new heights, with forecasts predicting a market value of $25.64 billion by 2029. This article includes our favourite forecasted cap trends for 2024. To make sure your hat designs are market favorites, scroll to the end of the page to download your free 2024 Cap Trend Guide!

Run & Become

Running has exploded in recent years, as has the demand for fashionable and functional running gear. With recreational running on the rise, running caps have surged in popularity and are packed with features like quick-drying, light-reflective, and elastic properties to enhance

performance. This cap from The North Face has a printed peak to match other items of running gear from their collection.

Person wearing running cap

Retro Nostalgia

Retro embroidery and bold patches, adorned with vintage colors and fonts. Embrace the nostalgic vibe for a trendy and expressive fashion statement. Think clashing colours, playful messaging and nostalgic fonts for timeless designs that will remain current through changing seasons.

Retro running cap

Utilitarian Functionality

Traditionally associated with functionality as opposed to style, utilitarian caps have seen a resurgence in recent seasons. Fortunately, modern utilitarian design blends practicality with attractiveness, exemplified by Finisterre's pocket cap.

Person wearing a cap with a pocket

Looking for more style trends and design tips?

Trend Guide Contents
Trend Guide Cover

Our comprehensive 14-page guide to help you design, create and sell the most innovative caps on the market!

* 13 style, colour and material trends

* Customization trends to give your caps the edge

* The ultimate cap care guide

* 5 original tips to improve your brand's sustainability

Get Started Manufacturing

Purnaa is a full-service sewing and knitting fair-trade, social enterprise manufacturing company in Nepal with a mission to create jobs that empower marginalized people to fresh starts and fulfilled lives. We specialize in custom caps and hats with sublimation and embroidery, stuffed animals, t-shirts, bags, and fully custom contract sewing and knitting manufacturing.

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