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How Purnaa Makes it Easy to Get Custom Caps for Your Team or Business

Purnaa Cap with Leather Patch

When you want a custom cap for your team or business, the constraints can be a bit frustrating. Here's how Purnaa's custom caps can make it easy.

Digital Printing Makes it Easy and Flexible

Purnaa's caps are digitally printed in-house. This allows anything from full-color, photo-realistic designs to textures to simple solid colors. But it means we can match any color and you're not limited to in-stock options. We use dye-sublimation so you will always get a permanent, vibrant color that does not fade or crack or show sweat lines.

So, do you have handmade art you want on your cap? We can do that. Do you want a specific Pantone color? We can do that too.

Purnaa Custom Printed Hat

Accessible MOQs and Lead Times

When you want a fully-custom cap, most cap companies increase their minimum order quantities (MOQs) and lead times because theed to get it dyed and sewn overseas. This can result in MOQs in the 100s and lead times of several months. If you only want a few dozen caps and need them fast, you are usually limited to in-stock colors and standard embroidery or patch options. Purnaa's made-to-order print process allows you to pick any color or design and we will print, make, and ship as few as 48 pieces, with up to 4 different designs, within 2 weeks of artwork confirmation.

Connect Your Team to a Story

Finally, where you get your gear can say a lot about your business or team. Why not use your caps to connect your group to a purpose. Purnaa's mission is to create job opportunities for marginalized people in Nepal that empower fresh starts and fulfilled lives. We're Guaranteed members of the World Fair Trade Organization so you can trust our products are made with ethical and sustainable practices. Our caps use recycled materials and involve a coloring process that results in zero water waste. Learn more about how you can be proud of your purchases in our latest impact report.

We love making these caps and are excited to hear from so many customers that love wearing them. So get started on an order today or check out our styles.


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