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An Education Can Make A HUGE Difference!

Laxmi is a Purnaa Empowerment Fund Scholarship Recipient. Here she shares a bit about her opportunity to study. Purnaa HR officer, Rebecca Shrestha interviewed her.



How long have you been working at Purnaa?

4.5 years

Can you tell us about some of the opportunities you have access to at Purnaa?

We have lots of facilities at Purnaa. Because I am a single mom, school and health allowance for my daughter, a scholarship for my schooling at an adult-learning school, and adult education allowance so that I can learn to drive a scooty (scooter). My daughter’s school allowance is the most important thing for us and I have used adult education fund for my schooling

You said you are studying now. Did you go to school when you were young?

I went to school when I could but I couldn’t study a lot. It was like wasting time. Because I lived in a village, girls weren’t given time to study.

When you came to Purnaa, did you feel scared of not being hired because you had no education?

Before this I had not been working and had not found work. I never thought that I would learn skills and work like I have learned here.

At what grade level are you studying right now?

I am studying in grade 4

And in which school are you studying?

Our school has ladies only, Prerana Secondary School, most of them are adults and above 14 years of age can study there. It has government recognition

How many of them are in your classroom?

We have 24-27 who come regularly

How long have you been going to this school?

For about a year

What do you think about your improvement in your studies?

First of all I have to be thankful for my office. I gained motivation. I had interest in getting education. For work and everything education was important. When you go to kids school, there are differences between parents who are educated and ones who are not. That is why I was encouraged in studying and I got the opportunity and have been studying and doing good at school.

Which is your favorite subject?

I like English subject but find it hard. (Laughs.)

At what time does your school start and end?

My school starts at 6am-10am for morning actually. But because I also have a job to do, I cannot study all the subjects, I can only study 3 subjects. And I go to school early by 6am and leave at 8am, only for 3 subjects.

Despite of missing some subjects have you been able to study or is it hard?

For now I think I can manage this way until grade 5 but beyond that I am thinking to study more subjects. Let’s see.

After studying what how do you think your life has changed?

Schooling has helped me a lot! Before studying at school, I couldn’t pronounce many words in English even if I could understand some. After studying there it has helped me a lot. I feel a high responsibility when I am home and have to study and look after my daughter. I am making a habit of reading books and knowing facts.

At work, how has education helped you?

It has helped a lot at work too. Before people had to translate for me. Now being a group leader I can understand on my own, speaking without seeking help and it has made it a lot easier. So it I am planning to study further.

Do you have anything to add?

I am thankful for Purnaa and those who give to the Empowerment Fund. There are these opportunities at Purnaa and I hope we can continue to offer them in the future and be a good place for uneducated ladies to come and work at. I hope that many can join us and also improve their lives and live a complete and fulfilled life.

Ok, thank you for talking with me!



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