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Become a Uniform One-Stop-Shop

By Alex Berryman

Sublimated Baseball Caps

Everyone loves a one-stop-shop - so why does buying a baseball uniform have to be any different? At Purnaa, we know that as a sublimated sports uniform supplier you want to offer exceptional value to your customers by giving them turn-key solutions for complete uniform packages.

But, baseball and softball uniforms offer a unique challenge - how to manage the complexities of a matching cap?

Most baseball uniform companies offer the jersey and pants to be ordered together, but few companies have the ability to seamlessly pair a cap with their uniforms. Many uniform companies don't offer a cap at all and risk losing customers by directing them to a different part of their site to order from an outsourced supplier. Others choose to work directly with blank cap suppliers and have to navigate a dizzying range of color and style combinations that may or may not meet the needs of the customer and may not be available with the same fast-lead-times as your sublimated uniform offering. This pushes some to stock their own blank caps, tying up cash and limiting their uniform color offerings to match the stock caps. These options are unnecessarily complex and cause you to feel like you miss out on sales for lack of a seamless way to pair caps with jerseys and pants.

We believe that getting a sublimated uniform should be easy and come as a complete package, including the cap.

We understand you need fast turn-around-times and excellent quality every time, which is why we designed our cap manufacturing line to seamlessly plug into your system and why we use industry-leading quality control methods, checking 100% of the products coming off the sewing line, ensuring the hat you ordered is the one your customer receives.

Here's how we do it:

  1. You collect orders from your customers with team-sized MOQs and personalization options

  2. Submit print-ready files to Purnaa using our easy to follow template

  3. Purnaa prints your files and sews your sublimated caps. They are then dispatched to your customer within 2 weeks

With caps making up nearly 30% of the potential sales value of a baseball uniform, by not having a matching cap, you risk missing out on significant sales. By offering a cap option with your uniform, you can increase add-on sales AND give your customer a streamlined sales experience. Purnaa can help you accomplish that.

Your customer will no longer have to go to multiple vendors for their uniform - you have become their one-stop-shop for their uniform needs and you didn't have to change your system to do it.

So, talk to our team about how you can start offering caps alongside your uniforms by emailing us at


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