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Your Design and Manufacturing Timeline

by The Purnaa Team

Many sewn and knit product entrepreneurs underestimate the time it will take to get their products manufactured. When developing a custom product market research, design, sampling, sustainable sourcing, and ethical sewing production all take time if you want to get it right. If you rush through these steps without care for the details you will likely end up with a product that you don't love.

Before you start, it's important to have a clear understanding of the process and the normal timelines. We work with a lot of customers that need a very specific custom design. Below we share our average timeline for all the steps from product specification through sampling and production. While it can differ between manufacturers and can vary somewhat based on the product complexity, this will give you a general idea and help you start planning for your successful and smooth production run.

Production Timeline

Step 1: Submit Product Specifications (1 week - 1 Month)

Whether these are photos or a tech pack, your manufacturer will collect details on your design to understand what steps and components are necessary to construct your product. The more clearly you can define your product, the faster we can get to work! To create a tech pack, check out this link for a comprehensive guide!

Step 2 : Developing the Product (1 month - 4 months)

During this step, we make a pattern, make test samples, and final samples and source your materials. Lead times can fluctuate based on the complexity of the design and where the sample materials are coming from, some materials must be imported and have a longer lead time.

The most important part of sampling is to confirm that what we make is exactly what you want. But at Purnaa, we also use this time to explore with clients the most efficient ways to make their products, developing strategies that can save time and money in production. Once a final sample is completed, some customers request salesman samples to use in their sales efforts before confirming production quantities.

Step 3: Prepare All Materials (1 week - 3 months)

With sampling complete, the materials for the production run will be ordered from the suppliers. Depending on the material supplier's lead times and types of shipping, it can take up to 3 months or more to receive all the materials.

Step 4: Production (3 weeks - 3 months)

Once all the materials arrive, production is ready to begin. The fabric will be cut, graded for size, printed, and sewn. Production times obviously vary widely depending on the quantity ordered and type of product.

Step 5: Production Finishes ( 2 weeks - 1 month)

The last item rolls off the line and will be packed for shipping. We usually facilitate exporting for our customers, but it is the customer's responsibility to clear the goods through customs and pay any import duties in their country. Because Purnaa is located in Nepal, our clients are able to benefit from special trade preferences given by the USA and the EU. You can read more about American trade preferences here.

Step 6 - You Receive and Process Your Amazing Merchandise

All your hard work has paid off, you now have your product in hand, ready to wow your customers!

At Purnaa, we see that our success is linked to the success of the brands we serve and the people we employ. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through our manufacturing process, presenting strategic options at each step, establishing efficiency in production, and ensuring that both you and your customers will be delighted with the products you receive. As a member of the WFTO and the Freedom Business Alliance, your production run will also contribute to creating fresh starts and fulfilled lives among marginalized communities in Nepal.

To explore if Purnaa is a good fit for your production needs, inquire here.

Empowered Woman - manufacturing staff