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12 Key Considerations for Re-Opening Your Business During COVID-19

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

By Alex Berryman

After months of closures, stores are beginning to open once again across the globe. While some are relieved to go back to a new semblance of 'normal', others are anxious.

Consumers are re-entering the market, but they are still, understandably, very concerned about contracting or inadvertently spreading COVID-19. Businesses have an important opportunity to prioritize the safe re-entry for our employees and customers, establishing a protected and healthy environment.

As you create this safe environment, consider implementing some of the suggestions we have compiled below.

Mind the Gap

We all know the drill, social distancing is the best way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. By encouraging your customers and staff to social distance, you can reduce the risk of spread.

  1. Explore new ways to connect with your customers by going online - Hold flash sales on your Instagram page or start a conversation about new services.

  2. Make your space exclusive - By having customers book appointments to visit your store, you can create a safe and bespoke service.

  3. Go to the customer - Whether it's at their home or your store's curbside, offer a delivery service for your customers to access their favorite products.

  4. Make your measurements public - If you are an apparel brand, publicize your measurements, and create a tutorial on how customers can measure themselves at home. This helps customers select the right clothing item without having them try it on in the stores.

  5. Bonus Tip - Create Care Packages of select products that customers can order online and have delivered to their friends.

These strategies create (non-physical) touchpoints with your customer that build trust and communicate you take their safety seriously.

COVID-19 In Nepal
Even in Nepal - Signs Help Customers Shop Safely

Safety First!

Change the layout of your store or your service to better accommodate your customer's safety needs.

6. Sanitation is key - Periodically sanitize surfaces in your store and don't hesitate to let people know you're doing it. Consider posting about your sanitation efforts on social media so customers can appreciate your commitment to their safety! Here are some tips on keeping your business (or home) sanitized!

7. Set up a sanitation station at the entrance of your store! - This will set the tone for your customer's experience. Include hand wipes, hand sanitizers, towelettes, or even a sink with soap.

8. Be imaginative with your space - Create a flow for customers to move through your store or set up an outdoor waiting room (if your climate allows) to provide a comfortable space to wait as you limit the number of people in the store to ensure adequate social distancing.

Whatever safety protocol you employ, be sure to post it publically on your social media and in your store so customers can be in the know!

COVID-19 In Nepal, Mask wearing
Local vendor wearing a Purnaa mask

Be Equipped

As reported by the CDC and the WHO, masks help reduce the spread of COVID-19. By providing masks to your employees you can help to protect all who enter your store.

9. Know the law - Each city, county, state, and country have different rules about masks in public. Understand the requirements and educate your audience about the impact of a mask.

10. Make it known! - If you decide to ask all customers to wear masks in your store, let them know! By posting on social media and on your store, people will be able to come prepared!

11. Not anxious, but aware - Providing masks to customers and staff does not mean you are scared, but that you are doing your part to protect yourself and your community.

12. Set up a Mask Stand and sell them at checkout. Consider putting your logo and brand on them. Purnaa's masks are available at wholesale rates and can be branded and tagged with your company's logo.

While we adjust to life after lockdown, this is the time to stand together. Purnaa began to make masks as a way to help our Nepali healthcare community. Now we are making them available to the international community, as well. You can order a Purnaa cloth mask for your store and community, helping everyone return to a new normal.


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