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4 Creative Ways to Wow Customers with Sublimation-Printed Caps

By Alex Berryman

With sublimation, there is a world of design options and as a sublimation business, you already know that. But are you using sublimation to the fullest extent? Or are you missing out on sales by limiting your offering?

Sublimated caps are a great way to increase your current product offering, expand into new markets, and capture more sales.

We have compiled a list of 4 ways you can use sublimated caps to expand your product offering and capture more sales. Check out a bonus tip in each category to get the creative juices flowing and create one-of-a-kind offerings for your customers.

Purnaa 201, 6-Panel, Full-Twill Cap

Bundle Your Current Sublimated Product Offering

Become a one-stop shop for all your customer’s sublimation product needs. If you are a sublimated sportswear supplier, bundle matching caps with jerseys! This allows you to capture more revenue per sale while making the buying experience more streamlined for your customer.

Bonus tip: Create mockup designs for both the jersey and the cap even if the customer initially requested just one. This showcases the sublimation ability and gives your customers a chance to see how amazing sublimation can look on both products.

Lo Pro 6 Panel trucker cap - Purnaa Sublimation
Purnaa 201, Lo-Pro, 6-Panel, Trucker Cap

Sublimated Corporate and Event Wear

Sublimated caps offer flexibility in design - print company logos, branded colors, and even staff names directly onto the cap to create a one-of-a-kind cap for your customer. Sublimated caps can be printed and put into production immediately, so can be faster to fulfill than other fully custom options that first require dyeing before going to sewing - making sublimated caps perfect for that customer that is always asking for express delivery.

Bonus tip: Get hyper-specific with your customer - they may not know how they could use sublimation effectively, so present them with ideas and wow them with your capabilities. Here are some examples of ways you can get specific:

  • For a trail running event, offer to print the trail map on the underside of the visor - this will blow your customer’s mind.

  • For local events, offer to incorporate landmarks of their location into the design of their cap. The participants will love the connection to their specific location.

  • For marketing resources, create a cap business card under the visor - with contact details, social media links, and the website URL.

Mid Profile 5 Panel cap - Dye Sub
Purnaa 101, Mid-Pro, 5 Panel, Full-Twill

Easily Offer Multiple Styles for Small Businesses

Small local businesses don't like high minimum order quantities, but they often want to have a selection of styles. With sublimation, you can print multiple different styles in very low quantities. Offer multiple design options at low quantities for local coffee shops, breweries, and bookstores. Sublimation offers your customer a way to get a whole line of custom caps that appeals to their customers, all with just one order! This makes the order process easier for your customer and for you!

Bonus tip: create prints that emulate different dying processes or material compositions - this allows your customer to explore different styles of the cap without being limited by MOQs. Instead of sourcing heathered material, tye-dye, camo, or quilted material, you can print that directly on the cap. Your customer may not even know it’s sublimated!

Crack into the Fandom

Communities with fanatic fan bases love to print all kinds of things on products. Comic, sci-fi, fantasy, and E-sports fans love supporting their favorite characters and stories through apparel and accessories. Fandoms have an incredibly loyal following and probably are an under-served market by the custom apparel sector. Just be careful you follow trademark and copyright rules. You can't print images, slogans, or names that are copyrighted, but many folks in these communities have their own non-copyrighted content for their nitch group. Learn more about what you can and can't print here.

Bonus tip: Reach out to influencers on Twitch (a video game streaming service) and offer to supply bespoke merch to that Twitch influencer. Influencers have hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of followers and merchandise is a large revenue stream.

Get Started with Purnaa

These are only a few ways to use sublimated caps to capture more sales for your business. Purnaa offers a seamless fulfillment service (SFS) for sublimated caps that help companies like yours capture more sales and grow their sublimated business. When you are a part of the SFS system, you have access to 12 pc MOQs per design, very fast lead times, and very competitive pricing. To learn how to become a cap production partner, fill out this form and a member of our sales team will contact you.


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