In Tune With Their Craft: Ongoing Sewing Skills Development

by Chris Kuennen

Ongoing skills development trainings are integral to Purnaa and our achievement of excellence in garment manufacturing. Our Team Sewing System (TSS) emphasizes skill diversification to foster cohesive, efficient production teams. Rather than acting simply as cogs in a standard factory line, Purnaa employees are pushed to develop the breadth and depth of their abilities every day. Continuing training programs not only build Purnaa’s collective expertise, they also instill the dignity of a valued artisan in our team members.

After sixteen years of teaching garment manufacturing in her native Australia, Suzanne Allibone decided it was time for a change. For years she traveled the globe, volunteering in industries far different from her initial garment manufacturing background. One of her jobs brought her to Nepal. While visiting a Kathmandu flower market, Suzanne met Purnaa co-owners Richard and Mary Faber. Prior to their meeting, Mary had heard from a friend about Suzanne’s background in sewing training, and so invited Suzanne up to Purnaa to conduct several sessions focused on ongoing sewing skills development. It was a great fit! We were all delighted when Suzanne agreed to return to Nepal this year and spend the month of June with us to run a more in depth training with our sewing staff.

Working with Purnaa team members on everything from how to sit properly at their machines to choosing the appropriate st