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Manufacturing Hope: Article in US Air Force Academy Checkpoints Magazine

by Katrina Bryant

Corban Bryant, one of Purnaa’s founders is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy in Colorado. Recently, the Air Force Academy’s alumni magazine, Checkpoints, published an artciel by Corban describing life as a social entrepreneur in Nepal. Check it out…

Life as a USAFA Expat

10 years ago I graduated from the Air Force Academy…10 days ago I drove my motorcycle through a roadblock of flaming tires on the dusty streets of Kathmandu. I was conducting business for my garment factory that employs survivors of exploitation in Nepal.

This is NOT what I envisioned my life would look like 10 years after graduation. But, even though I now live as an expat in a developing nation and am about as far off-track from an Air Force career as I can get, I am grateful for the lessons I learned 10 years ago at USAFA and lean on them often…


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