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Meet Kopila

by Katrina Bryant

“People at Purnaa help each other. If I’m ever confused I can ask for help without having fear.”

Congratulations! You were November’s Employee of the Month! Thank you! I am so happy to be working here. Purnaa is totally different from other places I’ve worked.

What do you mean? How is Purnaa different from other places? The way people treat each other is different here. People at Purnaa help each other. If I’m ever confused I can ask for help without having fear. Because people are willing to teach me new techniques, I’m able to improve myself, learn, get better at working. I also really like that the rules are clearly explained here, which makes it easy to work here. We have good rules which are beneficial to the employees.

What is your favorite task at the office? I love sewing with the overlock machine because it is the fastest machine! And out of all our projects? I liked sewing the Phoebe bag the best. It colorful and pretty!

How has working at Purnaa changed your life? I’ve gotten a chance to learn to use different machines, new types of sewing. At my old work place I was told not to bother trying to learn new things. That it was a waste of time. At Purnaa, I’m able learn new sewing techniques. My dream for the future is to learn more about design and grow in sewing my own creations. Because I work at Purnaa, I am able to support myself and help my family.

Can you tell us a bit about your family? Two of my brothers live abroad for work. My mom, dad and I and two brothers live here in Nepal together.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work? When I’m not at work, I love to sew my own clothes and to help my mom in the kitchen.

Did you make the beautiful outfit you are wearing? Yes, I made this!


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