Meet Laxmi

by Katrina Bryant

“Before I worked at Purnaa, I had a life full of fear. I had no skills, no education, no support system. I was always dependent on others… I always was needing help. When I came to Purnaa, I learned many skills. Now I can provide for myself. Now I have confidence. Now I can support myself. Now I have no fear. I am treated well here. I’ve learned a lot.”

Congratulations! You were announced Employee of the Month for December! How did you feel after the month’s competition? I was surprised! It’s a competition and everyone did well. So I wasn’t expecting to win.

How long have you worked at Purnaa? Almost 2 years.

What are your favorite tasks at the office? I like sewing with flatlock because it automatically cuts the excess fabric as I sew! And it comes with a guide so it’s easy to stay on track.

When you first came to Purnaa were you afraid? Yes! I didn’t know if I’d be called back after my interview. Then I was called and I was happy but nervous to start. On my first day of training, I saw all the electric machines. I was afraid I would get hurt, caught in the fast moving parts.