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Purnaa Gives Back


At Purnaa, we have the privilege of watching our staff move from situations of dependence into dignified employment and an ability to give to help others. We believe this is a beautiful effect of dignified employment.

Last month we held a generosity drive at Purnaa in which staff members made donations toward a charity of their choice and then the Purnaa matched the amount given by staff. Our staff voted to give the donation to a local adult learning center called Prerana.

Purnaa provides scholarships to our staff members' children to be able to attend better schools and also to employees who wish to continue their education. Many of our staff have used this program, to continue their primary education and have attended early morning classes at Prerana, a non-profit school that focuses on adult learning. We've enjoyed watching many staff celebrate a milestone of catching up in grade-level with their children.

In total, Purnaa was able to donate 50,000 rupees to Prerana, which is equivalent to approximately 3 months salary for most teachers in Kathmandu. It is a privilege to get to partner with a wonderful local organization like Prerana and see our staff's lives continue to be transformed.

You can find out more about what Purnaa does to invest in our staff by checking out our latest Impact Report.


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