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Purnaa in the News

by Katrina Bryant

Several weeks ago we launched Purnaa’s first line of products through a Kickstarter Campaign: We’ve seen great sucess and a few days ago got some good press from the news paper in Corban’s home town of Colorado Springs. Check it out!

Colorado Springs native founds garment manufacturing firm in Nepal Katherine blunt – • Published: June 13, 2014

The goal was $7,000. Within a week, however, Corban Bryant realized he had set the bar too low.

Bryant, a Colorado Springs native who founded an ethical garment manufacturing company in Nepal, launched a Kickstarter campaign late last month to promote the company’s first fashion line and expand employee benefits. Five days later, online backers had donated more than $11,000 to Bryant’s company, Purnaa, and its efforts to employ survivors of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation.


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