Purnaa’s 5 Core Values

by Mitch Kraft

When someone has a clear objective and direction in life, they can be a very powerful agent for change in the world. At Purnaa, our mission statement is, “To provide world-class, ethical manufacturing which empowers marginalized people and survivors of exploitation to fresh starts and fulfilled lives.” We believe in this statement, and we live it out by focusing on our five core values. We strive to implement love, excellence, beauty, integrity, and justice into our business and lives. These values affect all that we do at Purnaa.

Since working at Purnaa I have seen all of these values active in the lives of our employees and how we do business. The staff at Purnaa are inspiring to me, as they pursue fresh starts that employment can provide. Here are some ways I have seen the community of Purnaa demonstrates our values.

Connection between Purnaa staff
Our Purnaa Pariwar (Nepali for family)