Sustainable materials High-quality craftsmanship Exclusive designs

The Purnaa Collection is an exclusive range of bags and garments that you can feel good about selling in your store

Not all products are created equal

Many products these days lack construction quality or use inferior materials, while at the same time using exploitive manufacturing to cut costs. The Purnaa Collection is made with the quality that your customers expect and holds true to values that your brand can get behind.

The Purnaa Collection includes a range of bags, apparel and other accessories

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Minimum Order of $500 USD Required

Specially Reduced to $250 USD

Our ethical manufacturing practices and sustainable materials live up to the highest industry standards

We also go above and beyond these standards in our mission to transform lives in Nepal through the jobs we create


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Nepal Retailers

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Planning a visit to Kathmandu?

We also have our own outlet store onsite at our factory.
We would love to give you a tour and 
showy and your group around so that you can see where everything gets made!

When you choose The Purnaa Collection you can feel good about the quality of your production and the integrity of its production