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Purnaa Wins 2022 Common Objective Leadership Award!

We are so delighted to be recognized with a 2022 Common Objective Leadership Award! Additionally, Purnaa was among 32 companies shortlisted for the very prestigious CO10 category, recognizing the top 10 businesses at the forefront of best practices in the fashion and textile industry. Purnaa previously won the CO Leadership Award in the inaugural year of the competition in 2019. (The award was not presented in 2020 or 2021.)

The CO Leadership Awards celebrate ambition for, and commitment to, great business practices that transform lives - and solve environmental challenges in the fashion and textile industry. The awards are open to all businesses operating in the fashion industry - in any capacity, regardless of size or location. 2022 award winners were selected by a very prestigious panel of judges from over 50,000 members of Common Objective and include brands, suppliers, and organizations, all at the forefront of best practices in the fashion industry. Visit the Award Winners page on Common Objective to see and connect with 2022 award winners.

Tamsin Lejeune, CEO of Common Objective writes, "Our goals for the awards are aligned with the mission of Common Objective. We want to support and incentivise any business, anywhere, to operate more sustainably. And we want to put the spotlight on best practice, inspiring and motivating others to follow suit."

In 2022, companies were evaluated for the award in six key areas:

  1. Mission: Are sustainability and ethical best practices enshrined as a core principle within the company’s mission?

  2. Business Model: Does the company’s revenue and profit model maximize benefits to people and minimize the impact on the environment?

  3. Products/Services: Does the business offer well-designed, high-quality products and services that maximize benefits to people and minimize the impact on the environment?

  4. Impact: Can the business demonstrate clear and specific positive impact on people and/or the environment through its operations?

  5. Roadmap: Does your business have specific sustainability goals for the future? Has it built, or are you building, a roadmap towards those?

  6. Communications: Does the business have strong communications that raise awareness, change behavior, and have an impact on the industry as a whole?

Learn more about how the Leaders were selected on this Common Objective Blog.

About CO

Common Objective (CO) is a business network that enables fashion professionals to succeed in sustainable fashion business. Through a personalized dashboard, CO’s technology enables fashion professionals to access a global database of brands and suppliers, learn from expert industry intelligence, and participate in industry knowledge-sharing. With over 50,000 fashion professionals from over 100 countries, CO builds on 12 years of work by the Ethical Fashion Forum, and partners with a number of industry organizations including The World Fair Trade Organisation, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and more. CO was founded by Tamsin Lejeune, launched in May 2018 and has been serially backed by industry leaders including Roland Mouret, Harold Tillman CBE, Rattha Group, and PDS.


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