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The Ultimate Tech Pack Guide with FREE Tech Pack Template

A Tech Pack is a blueprint or a design guide used to plan a final garment. It includes technical specifications, material specifications, design details, and more. Teck pack templates are used by brands to communicate designs with manufacturers/suppliers.

Garment patterns and specifications hung up

When you start working together, a factory will request a tech pack for each style as a guide. Although there is not one universally agreed format, all technical packs contain the same basic information: an overview of the style, drawings/sketches of the product, measurements, material information, and label information.

Crafting a tech pack doesn't have to be perfect—just done! As a Fair Trade factory, we have seen brands spend excessive time and money chasing the 'perfect' tech pack, only to be told by our team that it needs multiple revisions.

To help you kickstart the process, we've got 7 quick tips on how to create a technical pack and a free tech pack template download for you. Click the link at the end of the article to start creating.

Creating a Tech Pack - checklist for success 

Collaborate with your factory

Schedule a call to go through the tech pack together. This ensures a shared understanding to prevent potential mistakes in the long run. Before working with your factory, be sure you fully understand the fabrics available to the factory, their areas of expertise, the machinery they own, and processes conducted in-house. With a collaborative mindset, you can update your tech packs based on a factory's limitations and opportunities - to create a more successful style.  

💡If a designer creates your tech packs - request the editable version and consider that you may need access to the program it was developed with for future revisions (e.g., Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Excel)

Avoid perfection paralysis

Your tech pack can evolve during initial factory conversations and after the first sample round. Starting with a simple version as a guide makes adapting to the factory's capabilities easier over time.

Professional sketches are not essential.

Basic drawings suffice and technical sketches can always be added later. Consider cost-effective options for technical sketches from platforms like Fiverr and UpWork.

Prepare a sample/swatch package

Although not technically ‘tech pack’ advice, by sharing fabric and color swatches, and component and product samples you can reduce back-and-forth when confirming key details with the manufacturer. These physical details will help your tech pack come to life. 

Request the factory to complete your final measurement tables

Leverage the expertise of factory teams in measuring garments and ask them to submit your final measurement table. You will generally specify the measurements on the medium size of your product. Then you will probably need to give the primary measurements as a guide (main length and width) of each size because your size grading is unique to your brand. But the factory grading process can probably fill in the details for all other sizes after understanding your technical medium and grading criteria.

Include quality and testing details

State your expectations early on, allowing the factory to incorporate these details into the unit cost.

Packing and labeling instructions

Providing this information also helps get a more accurate unit cost earlier on in the process. Elements to consider are: how many labels you require, if the label should be printed or woven, how you would like the goods packaged, if you’d like to use a certain type of polybag (such as bio-degradable), and if the polybag should have your branding. Include everything in your tech pack. Your manufacturer should be able to advise if you are unsure. 

💡 Our tech pack template includes helpful reminders on what should be included in your technical pack to guide your factory.

Maintain an Organized Revision System

Keep track of sample feedback, versions, and technical pack updates. An organized system helps streamline the revision process and ensures clarity.

Finalize the tech pack with all details before submitting the purchase order

Before placing your order, ensure the tech pack is completely up-to-date and accurate. Include all relevant details, and avoid making changes after this crucial point in the process.


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