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A Customer’s Perspective

At Purnaa we have the privilege to work with many great companies and organizations. One such customer is Mission Adventures, we sat down with Craig McClurg after their recent purchase from Purnaa.

Can you tell us a bit about your organization or company?

The Mission Adventures Network is a ministry of Youth With A Mission, one of the largest Christian mission agencies. Dozens of our operating locations work together to provide short-term outreaches for youth groups, Christian schools, and groups of families.

How did you hear about Purnaa?

A friend introduced us to one of the founders. We were specifically looking for a partner to help us create some ethically produced bags

Why did you choose to work with us?

For years we’ve given bags to our participants, and we’ve always tried to make sure that what we gave them was both sustainable and ethically produced. We’ve always wanted to ensure that the bags we were buying were helping those who made them, but we could never be truly certain. Everyone we were buying from claimed that their products were above board, but since the supply chain can be so convoluted, I’m not sure they could even know. So choosing Purnaa means we have clear visibility into how our bags are produced. It means we’re part of their story of creating meaningful work for people who could really use a good job.

What product did you order and how are you using it?

We’ve ordered both drawstring backpacks and the more traditional backpack. We’ve customized them with our logo, (screen printed on the drawstring bag, and a woven label on the backpack), a hangtag that includes both our brand info and Purnaa’s. In fact, we’re happy to have Purnaa’s branding on our bags because we want to show our students where their new bag came from and how it was made.

Are you satisfied with your finished products?

Absolutely. We were able to choose materials ahead of time and discuss tradeoffs and choices with Purnaa staff [for the new backpacks]. So when it came time to receive the products, there were no surprises. The feedback we’ve gotten has been great. We’ve been able to exceed our customers’ expectations and give them a fantastic gift.

What would you tell other organizations like yours about your experience working with Purnaa?

It’s been great. The team at Purnaa has been very communicative with us throughout the whole process. At one point, there was a production snafu—the fabric that was to be used for our bags came in and it didn’t meet Purnaa’s standards of quality. Instead of just going with it, Purnaa staff contacted me and gave me options. We were able to work out a solution that both met our deadlines and made sure the bags met our expectations. I feel like how an organization handles problems says a lot about them. Purnaa has demonstrated integrity at every turn.

Our customer's satisfaction is our top priority, explore creating your next design with Purnaa by submitting your design here.

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