7 Ways To Save Money During The Production Process

by Hannah Badminton

Ethical Cut and Sew Manufacturer

We know that although most brands and designers are excited to work with an ethical garment manufacturer, their budget is just as price-sensitive as any other brand. To help our customers and others in the industry save money, Purnaa’s production manager, Richard Faber, has written 7 top tips for saving money when you go into production with an ethical garment manufacturer.

1. Plan Ahead

If you have long lead times and have planned your production far in advance, we will be able to order your fabric to be delivered by road. Although air freight only takes a few days to reach its destination, it adds considerable expense to overall costs. Goods delivered by road save on average, 50% of transport costs. For large orders this can save thousands of dollars, not to mention it is far better for the environment as it results in fewer carbon emissions.

2. Increase your quantity per style