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Spotlight Series - Alpinecho on Print Techniques, Brand Identity and Supply Chains (New Video)

Updated: Jul 10

Welcome back to Purnaa's spotlight series, where we dive into the world of responsible supply chains. In the second edition of the series, we speak to Alpinecho, a Colorado-based outdoor brand making waves with its powerful visual identity, innovative use of print techniques, and dedication to building exploitation-free supply chains.

A sublimation print cap with a flower pattern hanging on a tree

Recently, Alpinecho shared their inspiring journey with us, from finding the right production partners to creating product ranges that align with their values. Sarah, the creative force behind Alpinecho, also discussed the challenges of establishing USA supply chains vs overseas supply chains.

At the heart of Alpinecho's success is their ability to digitize hand-drawn illustrations and print them on various materials. Sarah's unique designs, inspired by her own outdoor adventures, are an interesting contrast to most outdoor gear available.

Original sketch of Alpinecho print artwork

Using sublimation printing allows them to preserve intricate details and vibrant colors on their caps and other products. For all of these reasons, we thought they would be the perfect company to feature in our series!

Watch our latest video to learn about Alpinecho's strong brand identity, how to build exploitation-free supply chains, and get tips on creating and maintaining transparent supply chains.

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