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Fair Trade Manufacturing: Step-by-Step from sampling and production at Purnaa

Updated: Mar 19

In our latest video, two of Purnaa’s production experts, Manjita and Abhishek, walk us through the ultimate guide to a Fair Trade factory's sample development and manufacturing processes.

A woman measuring a sample in a Fair Trade factory

In our latest video, our expert project management and manufacturing specialists Manjita and Abhishek give advice on the process for sampling, making a first sample and smoothly executing fair trade production.

Design Submission Requirements

The design submission process, including key elements like tech packs, patterns, and prototypes and simple tips to save time when designing a Fair Trade sample.

Guidance for Design Submission

Everything that should be included in a tech pack, covering material specifics, trims, pattern sharing, and consistent measurements for a seamless design submission process.

The Different Sample Stages

The different stages of sample development at Purnaa and the importance of test and final development samples before manufacturing.

Sample Process Explained

The support you’ll receive from the Purnaa team during your sample journey before you begin manufacturing.

How to Accelerate Sample Timelines

Fair trade focused tips from pattern making and sample production to maintaining prompt communication for an efficient sample round before production.

How to Reduce Unit Costs

Strategies for reducing production costs in a sustainable and fair trade manner, including sourcing decisions and opportunities when reordering. 

The Benefits of Sourcing Locally 

Fabrics available locally to Nepal for production and how working with these materials can benefit your brand. 

Final Tips for Sample & Production Optimization

Impactful tips for optimizing both product development and manufacturing.

Check out the FULL video on sampling to production along with the rest of our Spotlight Series here

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Purnaa is a full-service sewing and knitting fair-trade, social enterprise manufacturing company in Nepal with a mission to create jobs that empower marginalized people to fresh starts and fulfilled lives. We specialize in custom caps and hats with sublimation and embroidery, stuffed animals, t-shirts, bags, and fully custom contract sewing and knitting manufacturing.

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