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Building an Eco-Conscious Company: Lessons from Sustainable Business Founder, Yumika Hoskin

Updated: Mar 19

In today's world, where single-use plastics dominate our lives and environmental concerns are at an all-time high, there is a growing need for businesses and eco-entrepreneurs to take a sustainable approach.

A woman wearing a recycle polyester bag in a garden

The journey of eco-entrepreneur Yumika Hoskin, the founder of Peco Bag, serves as a powerful example of how embedding eco-conscious values can lead to positive change.

In this interview, Yumika discusses navigating the entrepreneurial path, the power of authenticity in influencing change and building partnerships with global brands. Don't miss...

  • How to build an authentic and transparent brand that resonates with consumers

  • Ideas on creating environmental influence as a brand and as a consumer

  • Finding opportunities for collaborative ventures with global brands

The lack of purpose and authenticity these days makes social media pretty bleak. When you do find an influencer who has a business or a brand that's inspiring to you, that authenticity behind their story will keep you coming back.
Check out our interview with Yumika along with the full Spotlight Series here

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