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Celebrating Planet Fair Trade

By Alex Berryman

Women in Nepal - Agriculture

People and Planet over profit. It's that simple!

May 9ths marks World Fair Trade Day, a campaign to celebrate all things Fair Trade. From sourcing sustainably to preserving workers' rights, businesses across the globe demonstrate their commitment to doing things ethically and preserving the culture and resources of the people around them. The manufacturing industry can be a force for positive change.

And that is why Purnaa is joining the celebration of Planet Fair Trade.

#PlanetFairTrade - World Fair Trade Organization

Planet Fair Trade is a movement that prioritizes people and the planet, highlighting innovative business practices that preserve the environment and resources worldwide.

At Purnaa, we believe in putting people and the planet first. We have put systems in place that ensure better quality products, use material from scrap or deadstock, and create textile recycling strategies that keeps textile waste out of landfills.

Quality is the Best Policy

Considering the whole lifecycle of the product, Purnaa puts quality at the heart of our manufacturing practices. When a product has been made with durable materials and quality construction, consumers can enjoy it for many years to come, no longer needing to repeatedly replace items. Purnaa's Manufacturing Service is available for like-minded brands looking to produce high-quality, long-life products.

All of Purnaa Collection products are made with quality and durability in mind, using premium materials for its strength and finish.

Textile disposal - Textile Recycling

Waste Not, Want Not

At Purnaa, we take that mantra seriously. We use scrap leather to make zipper-pulls and keychains. During COVID-19 we turned a whole line of masks out of scrap materials leftover from previous manufacturing runs..\

Fabric takes A LOT of resources to produce and, when disposed of, is a large contributor to greenhouse gases. Therefore we do our best to use less and recycle or repurpose our waste responsibly.

One Man's Trash is Another Mans..... Mattress?

Instead of sending Purnaa's fabric scraps to landfill, where it would be devastating to the environment, Purnaa partners with a local social enterprise that shreds waste fabric to be used as stuffing for mattresses. And it's no small amount. Per month, this local partner collects 100-200 kgs of fabric from companies around the city, repurposing this fabric instead of sending it to a local landfill or to be part of Nepal's open garbage burning, a huge contributor to the pollution in Kathmandu.

Planet Fair Trade - Powered by Human Ingenuity

Instead of accepting wasteful and unethical practices, Planet Fair Trade is a challenge to the business community to do better. As we face changing climate and volatile economies, we have the opportunity to put Fair Trade principles in place to preserve the environmental and human resources around us.

Join the movement by considering how you can become more Fair Trade.

  • If You Are a Manufacturer - implement the 10 Principles of Fair Trade

  • If You Have a Brand - source from guaranteed manufacturers!

  • If You are a Consumer - buy Fair Trade and talk about it on social media!

We all have a part to play in this movement. Join Purnaa in creating #PlanetFairTrade and be an advocate for people and planet.


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