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Sublimated Sportswear Creating Social Impact - Resto's Social Enterprises Story

How does ethically made sportswear create social impact and provide a living wage to workers? Social entrepreneur MJ Mitchell shares how he has combined entrepreneurship with a desire to help people, paving the way for a business that not only thrives but also uplifts communities.

Resto Athletic ethically-made sublimated sportswear

In this month's Spotlight Series, we speak to sports uniform company Resto Athletic. Resto uses the sublimation print process to customize team uniforms at their factories, all of which are dedicated to creating sustainable job opportunities for targeted marginalized communities - for areas of high poverty in Haiti and for refugee communities in the US.

The apparel industry has long been plagued by exploitative labor practices. However, Resto is rewriting the narrative by owning the entire production process, guaranteeing both quality and ethics. Their innovative approaches, like a 360-degree design tool, put customers in control. Resto thrives by embracing technology and innovation.

In this interview we talk about their founding story, unwavering focus on people and culture and how they ensure they stay at the forefront of innovation. Don’t miss out!!

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