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Purnaa Impact 2021-2022

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Impact through Social Enterprise

Each year we conduct a quality of life survey and publish an Impact Report that gauges the tangible impact working at Purnaa has on Purnaa staff. Our mission is to create jobs that empower fresh starts and fulfilled lives for marginalized people and survivors of exploitation. We want to know if we're succeeding.

Here are a few highlights from the report to show you the impact of manufacturing at Purnaa!

Purnaa by the Numbers

In 2021, the Purnaa team added 30 additional employees, growing to 120 total.

Purnaa impact summary 2021

The exciting news is that in early 2022, we've already added another 30 employees in addition to those shown above.

How Do We Measure Transformational Power of a Good Job

In order to evaluate whether or not employees lives really improve after they start working with us, we conduct an an annual survey of all staff. We administer the survey to new employees as soon as they are hired to get their baseline (before Purnaa) answers and then again annually as they work with us. The survey is a condensed version of a WHO quality of life assessment and has 33 questions. Individuals answer with their overall perceptions of quality of life or health. Most questions have a 5-point scale ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. The questions assess the quality of life in 5 areas:


Physical Health

Emotional Health

Living Situations

Relationships With Others

Environmental Impact

We also measure and report key environmental impact metrics. Our goal is to always be making progress to minimize our environmental impact in terms of energy consumption, water consumption, material waste, and the sustainability of the materials we use to make our products. As we grow, we'd like to see continuous improvement in these areas, especially our sustainable fabric usage.

purnaa sustainable fabric usage 2021

The Impact of a Good Job

We compare life before and after being hired at Purnaa and how it had an impact on the ownership of basic goods. This chart demonstrates what a difference a good job can make in the quality of living standards for employees and their families. With 3 people dependent on the salaries of Purnaa staff, a job here can have a huge impact!

quality of life improvement through social enterprise

Employees who get a job with us receive paid on the job skills training, life-skills training, employer-matched savings, opportunities for adult education and child scholarships. But, Many employees report that the community of acceptance found at Purnaa is among the benefits they find most valuable. In our Emotional Health and Relationships sections of our impact report, we see strong evidence that getting a good job boost self esteem and hope for the future.

I value myself

hope for the future

Areas to Improve

We compare year by year to gauge whether Purnaa jobs are measurably improving the health and the wellbeing of our staff. We particularly pay attention to areas that need improvement. Over the last few years, we've noticed a decline in overall physical health scores and economic scores. This year, inflation in Nepal is quite high. We noticed many comments in the survey about high food inflation this year in Nepal and difficulty covering all family health care expenses. We know that pay increases will be needed to account for inflation in our new fiscal year in July and we will be investigating ways to help give better healthcare access to staff.

Purnaa areas to improve

Join Us in Making an Impact

When you manufacture with Purnaa, you make this impact possible. You can learn more by downloading our full impact report here.

When a customers manufacture their products with Purnaa, they create valuable work that directly contributes to the livelihoods of Purnaa staff - not only affecting them but their families as well. Manufacturing has the power to do good, empowering people to fresh starts and fulfilled lives.

To be a part of this impact submit your design today!


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