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Scaling production with Artisan & Fair Trade groups - Interview with Karen Gibbs, ByHand Consulting

In our latest Spotlight series video, we delve into the world of artisan collaboration and the transformative opportunities for fashion and homeware brands. With her extensive experience in global artisan production, expert Karen Gibbs shares invaluable insights on scaling production, improving supply chain impact, and debunking misconceptions about working with handmade products at scale.

Join us as we explore the hidden benefits of partnering with artisan and fair trade groups and why fashion and homeware brands should prioritise artisan products in their sourcing strategies. In the interview we also discuss:

  • How advancements in technology and ethical trade have boosted the artisan / Fair Trade industry and enabled producers to scale production

  • The benefits of introducing artisan and Fair Trade products into collections

  • Practical tips and considerations on working with artisan vs mass production supply chains

  • Unlocking the power of artisan and Fair Trade products and improving supply chain impact

"Handmade products have a spirit and a soul to them that consumers perceive, buyers perceive, and artisans are proud of. "

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