What Is the Purnaa Seamless Fulfillment System (SFS)?

By Alex Berryman

Nepal Baseball Cap Production
Sarita - A Member of the Purnaa Cap Sewing Team

We find that many sublimated sports uniform dealers don't offer caps, and those that do, often outsource it to a stock-cap embroidery specialist. The reasons are clear: caps are difficult to sew, they very sensitive for fit, and customers are used traditional embroidered-solid-color options. But if you are providing jerseys for teams without a cap offering, you're missing out on a lot of value. And if you're referring your customers to an external cap supplier, you have to deal with the challenges of coordinating with a third party, trying to match their stock colors, and give up some of your margins. At Purnaa, we are here to make ordering caps easy, so we developed the Seamless Fulfillment System (SFS).

We have developed SFS to deliver sublimated caps that can