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What Is the Purnaa Seamless Fulfillment System (SFS)?

By Alex Berryman

Nepal Baseball Cap Production
Sarita - A Member of the Purnaa Cap Sewing Team

We find that many sublimated sports uniform dealers don't offer caps, and those that do, often outsource it to a stock-cap embroidery specialist. The reasons are clear: caps are difficult to sew, they very sensitive for fit, and customers are used traditional embroidered-solid-color options. But if you are providing jerseys for teams without a cap offering, you're missing out on a lot of value. And if you're referring your customers to an external cap supplier, you have to deal with the challenges of coordinating with a third party, trying to match their stock colors, and give up some of your margins. At Purnaa, we are here to make ordering caps easy, so we developed the Seamless Fulfillment System (SFS).

We have developed SFS to deliver sublimated caps that can match your current product offering and sales funnel. Gone are the days you have to conform to your cap supplier, we conform to you! Once integrated into your sales stream, you can order fully sublimated caps with 2 weeks lead times, MOQ of 12 units, and receive flat rates per unit.

So what does it mean to be a part of the SFS? In this blog, we will explain the setup process so you know what you are signing up for.

Step 1 - Introduction

We all hate talking to robots, especially when we need help with the services our businesses rely on. So, instead of fighting with a machine, you will have a dedicated Project Manager (PM) to assists you with each step of the process. They will start out but getting to know the needs of your business, then outlining the next steps and timeline to get you started.

Step 2 - Art Team Training

We know that you are the experts at making amazing designs that your customers love, but there is extra complexity with caps, which are 3D and have many seam lines. We will meet with your art team to conduct a short training on how to layout art files on cap patterns and discuss best practices for making awesome-looking sublimated caps. This way, we can mitigate any quality issues later on in the process and your customers will receive the best cap possible.

Step 3 - Setting up the structure

Next, we will plug your sales and ordering system right into ours - no need to change anything in your process. We will meet with your operations team to understand your sales structure and flow, such as your PO process and any computer systems that you use. We will then create a plan on how to communicate between your company and the Purnaa team so that we seamlessly receive your orders and artwork and no details are missed.

After that, we will establish billing and shipping processes so that you can have fast and easy billing and shipping, either direct to your customer or to your facility. Another great benefit of the SFS is that once you are set up in the system, our caps have one low fixed price regardless of order size!

Step 4 - Ordering Your Set-Up Order

Finally, we will test the system with a set-up order. The caps you get from your set-up order can be used as your salesman samples. We know how important clear communication and accuracy are in a system, so before you begin to order caps for your customers, we use this setup order as a test run - ensuring that each piece of the system is working as it should. To enter into the SFS, you will only need to for this 12 pc set-up order. You will send us the art files, then we print, cut, sewn, and ship to you for your inspection. If all goes well, we will proceed with processing customer orders!

Can I order outside of the SFS?

The process listed above is integral to creating faster lead times and lower MOQs. It requires that you have the capability to do your own artwork. But if you want to access Purnaa caps without joining the SFS or cannot layout artwork for your caps, you can order directly through Purnaa or through one of our partner's businesses. Please refer to the table below to evaluate your options:

Start exploring the SFS system by becoming a cap manufacturing partner. We are excited to be providing you with a quality cap and service.


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