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Purnaa 2023 Design Awards - Outdoor Retailer Trade Show

Updated: Jan 9

Purnaa 2023 Design Awards

We're excited to announce the first Purnaa Design Awards. This month we presented at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. This was our first time attending. As a newbie, we wanted to meet lots of others at the show. So we thought why not brighten some of the other attendees day by recognizing their really cool product designs with an Award. We assigned awards in an area we know well...the use of printed artwork, especially sublimation. We selected two fellow trade show attendees for awards. Congratulations to Purnaa's 2023 Design Award Winners!

Excellence in Artwork - FLYN

FLYN is a growing brand from Westbrook Maine, founded by Flyn and Dan, taking Flyn's beautiful, fun, and humorous hand-painted artwork of wildlife creates, transforming them into wearable art. We love their caps and other accessories. Take a look.

Excellence in Sublimation Design - KAVU

Whether it's on caps, apparel, or bags, KAVU finds creative ways to incorporate all-over sublimation printing onto products like no other brand. We love how their sublimation prints bring fun and positivity to all kinds of outdoor products.

FLYN and KAVU both do an amazing job incorporating clever printing ideas into their products. We love sublimation printing because it is environmentally sustainable (uses no water, prevents waste, allows for small batch production, doesn't use hard chemical treatments, and can be applied to recycled materials) and it also give vibrant, permanent colors that won't fade, crack, or flake. Learn more about this cool tenique in our Sublimation Print Guide.

We love producing for growing brands especially for unique designs of caps and bags. If you have a cap or bag design idea, especially one using sublimation printing, please get in touch.

Get Started Manufacturing

Purnaa is a full-service sewing and knitting fair-trade, social enterprise manufacturing company in Nepal with a mission to create jobs that empower marginalized people to fresh starts and fulfilled lives. We specialize in custom caps and hats with sublimation and embroidery, stuffed animals, t-shirts, bags, and fully custom contract sewing and knitting manufacturing.

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To learn more about how our manufacturing process works, check out these other posts:


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