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Purnaa Celebrates World Fair Trade Day 2023

Updated: Jan 9

World Fair Trade Day - Climate Justice Now
Purnaa Celebrates World Fair Trade Day

Purnaa is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) . May 13th is World Fair Trade Day, when we join thousands of others around the world advocating for fair trade practices for workers, climates, and communities around the world.

10 Principles of Fair Trade

Being a member of WFTO, Purnaa is committed to operating according to the 10 Fair Trade Principles. As a member of the WFTO, Purnaa receives an audit every 2 years to ensure we are being held accountable to these principles.

10 Principles of Fair Trade
10 Principles of Fair Trade

Climate Justice Now

This year's Fair Trade Day focus is Climate Justice. Poor communities are most affected by climate change and have the least resources to lean on to adjust as climate changes affect crops and livelihoods.

Whenever possible, Purnaa chooses sustainable materials and use organic or recycled fibers over other industry standard alternatives. We also choose to work with suppliers that can provide credentials for environmentally safe dying practices such as OEKO-Tex or GOTS. This year we have made progress moving more of our manufacturing capacity toward these more environmentally friendly materials.

Purnaa Increases Organic and Recycles Sourcing

Purnaa improvement in sourcing from sustainable suppliers

Join us in campaigning for a fairer world. There are lots of creative ways to get involved at the 2023 WFTO Fair Trade Day landing page. You can also post on social media with hashtags #FairTradeDay and #AgentForChange.

Get Started Manufacturing

Purnaa is a full-service sewing and knitting fair-trade, social enterprise manufacturing company in Nepal with a mission to create jobs that empower marginalized people to fresh starts and fulfilled lives. We specialize in custom caps and hats with sublimation and embroidery, stuffed animals, t-shirts, bags, and fully custom contract sewing and knitting manufacturing.

Reach out today to start your sample journey

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