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Purnaa launches new 'Spotlight' Interview Series

Updated: Jul 10

Purnaa has launched an interview series on Youtube exploring the world of responsible supply chains. The series will provide insights, expertise and practical advice from leading sustainable and ethical business experts. Join us as we dive into different approaches to reducing social and environmental impact with expert guests across all areas of the industry.

What to expect from the series

  • Practical advice on how to grow and develop supply chain partnerships in a more ethical and sustainable way

  • Global responsible sourcing insights

  • Tips on how to improve efficiencies in areas such as lead times, quality and costs

  • Guidance on how to find and maintain excellent relationships with manufacturers

  • Real-life case studies on how to solve challenging supply chain issues and take advantage of untapped opportuntiies

Video Premier: Founding a living wage factory in Nepal - The Importance of Fair Trade

In our first video, Corban (Purnaa's founder) shares how brands can benefit from working with a living wage Fair Trade factory. And how by building solid partnerships with factories, brands can scale production and achieve faster lead times. He also goes into how investing in production partners creates long-term business opportunities and why Nepal is a great place to start manufacturing.

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