An Inside look into the Purnaa Manufacturing Process

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

At Purnaa, you may call us manufacturing nerds. We love to share what we do and think the manufacturing techniques that go into clothing production is super interesting. Sharing our passion, we frequently give tours of our factory; but because most of you can't join us in person in Nepal, we thought we'd give a virtual tour here.

Let's get started!

First, put yourself in the shoes of a typical Purnaa client, you have a great product designed, a tech-pack completed, and are ready to start making beautiful products.

First, you meet with our 'Kings of Details' - our meticulous project managers. It's their role to manage your project from start to finish - from sampling through production and delivery. They will conduct an initial consultation and collection of all the required documentation to make sure we get your product just right.

The Purnaa Project Management Team grouped together