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4 Ways Purnaa's Project Managers Bridge Brands with the Factory during Manufacturing

by Alex Berryman

Here at Purnaa, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality, long-lasting, sustainable garments for our production clients. Purnaa's Project Managers play an especially crucial role in the contract manufacturing process, serving as a bridge between our clients and the factory. After hearing the customer's needs, they communicate with the rest of the departments in the factory, working behind the scenes to ensure that clients get exactly what they ordered. This means they do a lot of work listening and gathering info and then communicating all of the needed details between factory and client to ensure the best outcomes for those who manufacture with us

4 Ways PM's Represent You


Once the PM meets the customer and understands their needs, they work with the sampling team and sourcing manager to find the right fabrics and materials. Keeping in mind the function, aesthetic, pricing and sustainability goals of the brand, the PM makes sure the product materials are the best match possible.


Once the sample materials arrive, the PM works with our sampling team to create patterns and salesman samples, ensuring they match the specs given by the client. Throughout this process, they send photos and get real-time feedback.

Production Preparation

When the final sample is ready, it is mailed to the client for approval, then production preparation begins. The PM works with the production team, with sewing team leaders, shipping team, and packing team to makes sure everyone is prepared with the relevant details before production starts.


During the production run, PM's are frequently on the production floor. They work with our quality control team to troubleshoot problems and send regular updates to the customer on how production is going. They are the physical representation of the brand as the product is being made.

Hear from Them!

We sat down with Purnaa's 6 PM's and got more perspective on what it means to represent brands every day!

Women lead Ethical Manufacturing
Gayatri in gray, surrounded by Purnaa co-workers

Describe one way you advocate for a brand during production.

We connect the brand with the entire production team at Purnaa by acting as a bridge and ensure timely and professional communication and passing of information. It is our responsibility to guide our customers to help them save time and money, keeping them updated at every step during the entire manufacturing process.

Fair Trade Production in Nepal
Prakash, with a Fashion Revolution Day sign

What is your favorite part about being a PM?

My favorite part of being a PM is getting to work with different types of customers with a variety of products. Knowing that each product is reaching different people, spreading hope, love, and integrity, making the world a better place.

Ethical Production in Nepal
Manjita, at Purnaa's International Women's Day Party

What motivates you in your work?

Every time I receive positive feedback from a customer on their product or what they like about manufacturing with Purnaa, it makes me realize that we are helping people to make their dreams into reality.

The next thing that keeps me motivated is the teamwork we have in Purnaa. Everyone is always ready to help each other if we are facing any troubles. So every time I need to work through a problem, I can look to my team to help me with it.

Merchandiser for Ethical Manufacturing
Shalu, on the (flat) roof of Purnaa's factory

Describe your ideal production partner.

My ideal production partner is a brand that would manufacture in both an ethical and sustainable way. They are able to make conscious decisions to take care of both the environment and the community, creating awareness, and educating their customers.

Sustainable garment manufacturing Nepal
Abhishek (with Prakash in the background!)

What does ethical production mean to you?

Ethical production means that it is not exploitative towards its staff as well as the environment. It is not just a label or a tag on a product, but an ethos. A lot of work goes behind a product to ensure that there are systems in place to maintain a safe work environment for staff; guaranteeing their economic security and maintaining their position in society.

Fair Trade Manufacturing Nepal
Taylor, Purnaa's Project Manager Team Leader

What have you seen as the most powerful way a PM can serve their brand?

They say "the devil is in the details" and Purnaa's PMs have the details taken care of. Whether it is requesting a shrink test to ensure a proper fit after wash, triple-checking fabric consumption before submitting the purchase request, or documenting detailed quality checkpoints for the QC team; we have it covered.

The Purnaa Project Managers are ready to represent you, proving that ethical manufacturing can be done with quality and integrity in mind. Get started and get a quote by, submitting your design here.

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